Towniprene® Urethane Lining & Parts

Towniprene®, Townley’s proprietary urethane, is an outstanding wear solution for preventing sliding abrasion from particle sizes below 1/4 inch. Towniprene® should be your first choice when it comes to:

  • Coal-fired power plants with limestone and gypsum dewatering
  • Silica, frac sand, clay mixing, transporting, and sizing
  • Potash, phosphate and copper beneficiation, metal mining pumping, valves, cyclones particle classification, flotation, froth, and tailings

Towniprene® can be applied to a wide array of wear parts including pipe, elbows, spools, and fittings. Our proprietary urethane is applied seamlessly utilizing a mold, a core, or a pipe spinner. We mold wear parts of a wide range of sizes and shapes, and line piping from 4 to 60-inch diameter and up to 25 feet long. Towniprene® can withstand temperatures up to 165°F but should not be used for coarse feed, strong acids, or solvents. 

Towniprene video