Series 150 Knife Gate Valve

The Series 150 Knife Gate Valve was fabricated with a bi-directional valve in response to customers needing a robust valve for coarse solids and tailing service in mining. These valves have found use in abrasive bottom ash discharge circuits in coal-fired power plants.

The CAD/CAM designed and CNC plasma-cut components are robot welded and pressure tested to ensure a long reliable life. The cast stainless steel double taper blade ensures a positive open and closes every cycle.

The tapered blade mates to a matching Towniprene urethane seat, that has been chemically bonded to the metal body. Also, the series 150 incorporates opposing high-chrome cast inserts to absorb the constant coarse feed 24/7 with operating temperatures at 165F or lower.


  • The heavy-duty fabricated body resists mechanical and pressure-induced damage
  • Flange-style body for improved strength
  • Custom “face to face” dimension upon request
  • Variety of materials to match application
  • Towniprene® urethane-lined seat high-chrome inserts
  • Heavy-duty blade cuts through media
  • Tapered edges and blade body assures easy opening without binding
  • Combine stainless steel blade with Towniprene® urethane-lined seat and body for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Features standard 150 PSI rating with higher service rating upon request
  • 150# drilling standard, custom drilling by request
  • Optional mechanical lockout for safety
  • Bi-directional flow
  • Hand-wheel standard adaptable to existing actuation or new
  • 4″ through 24″ full port IDs, others available on request
  • The used valve can be fully rebuilt at our factory
  • The bonneted design allows simplified sealing of shaft only

Materials and Construction

 BodyWelded alloy construction
 Body LiningTowniprene® urethane elastomer, hi-chrome inserts available
 BladeCD4MCu Stainless Steel
 SeatTowniprene® urethane elastomer
 Shaft 316 or 317 stainless steel
 Body FinishEpoxy painted
 ActuationHandwheel std. Optional: air, elec., hydraulic actuation available
 Flange150# drilling std., custom drilling available


Designed for isolation or diversion in a variety of circuits. This valve is an excellent choice for flow management of abrasive slurry.

  • Power plant “bottom ash”
  • Phosphate matrix and tailings
  • limestone slurry
  • Sand and Gravel
  • Metallurgical coal prep
  • Hyrdotransport of oil sands