Knife Gate & Butterfly Valves

Townley has created a unique line of slurry valves specifically designed to provide excellent reliable service in severe applications found in matrix, in-plant beneficiation, and tailings for mining, as well as, limestone slurry, bottom ash-handling, and water isolation in Coal-fired power plants. A large inventory of our quality series 80, 120, and 150 valves are all on hand and ready for immediate service.

  • Knife Gates for flow diversion and shutoff service, available from 2” to 54” ID
  • Butterfly for Flow control and isolation, available from 2” to 96” ID
  • Pinch for flow modulation, especially good for mining circuits, Available up to 24” ID
  • Couple these with our state-of-the-art actuation, positioners, and controls, for easy open or close, Townley is your one-stop valve manufacturer for quick-turn response to your needs.

Knife Gate Valves

Townley has produced knife gate valves for mining and coal-fired power plant slurry applications for over 30 years. Aware of problems with other commercial valves, we were able to design our new valves from a clean sheet of paper, ensuring that we eliminated the problem areas and incorporated all the innovations asked for by our customers.

Butterfly & Pinch Valves

We manufacture these unique, bi-directional, purpose-designed butterfly valves for the throttling of mining slurry or isolation of water service in power plant circuits. Most valves featured here are rebuildable to new specifications at our factory and are available with actuation of your choosing.  

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