Towniflex® Rubber Hose & Lining

Townley is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality hand-built rubber slurry hoses in North America. For more than thirty years we have supplied our flexible slurry hose, Towniflex®, worldwide to various mining sites and coal-fired power plants. Whether in the pit, matrix handling, in-plant processing, or tailings transport, our hose is considered one of the most robust in the industry. Some of our slurry hoses are still transporting fine slurry for more than twenty years. Our Towniflex® rubber slurry hose is a perfect solution when connecting rigid pipes and equipment in older plants. Applications in older plants are when settling has shifted centerlines, crossing uneven terrain, reducing the part count when replacing multiple rigid pipe connectors, and fittings with one hose. Rubber lining or re-lining of slurry pipe, elbows, laterals, launders, mixers, manifolds, and fittings are very common here at Townley. We can fabricate piping with our CNC pipe cutter, to meet your exacting requirements. We offer a variety of natural rubber and synthetic rubber to match the hose assemblies that best fit your application. All applied rubber at Townley is autoclave vulcanized ensuring the best cure and homogenous finished products.
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