TMV 150 Directional Knife Gate Valve

Featuring a new heavy duty stainless steel valve gate that is:

  • Taller, thicker, and has more seating area than any gate we have produced before
  • The blade taper is on the downstream side, with an asymmetrical tip design to allow positive seating of the blade during closing
  • The gate is fully machined on the upstream side to improve alignment while opening and closing
  • New dovetail clevis is threaded to valve shaft creating a more robust shaft-to-blade connection

Additional Valve Upgrades:

  • Improved Towniprene® material with higher tensile strength and tear resistance
  • A deeper Towniprene® seat channel that improves blade alignment and sealing
  • Increased seat area spreads closing forces over a larger area
  • Towniprene® wraps around the high chrome wear port to improve bonding
  • Larger 6” diameter hydraulic cylinder is standard adding increased opening and closing force
TMV Valve

Strong Connection

The all new “dove tail” shaft to blade connection utilizes a custom machined locking block that threads onto the stainless steel threaded shaft. This shaft and block combination is then mated into a matched cutout in the heavy duty blade. This combination of perfectly matched CNC machined parts creates a maintenance free shaft to blade connection.

Bigger, Better Blade, New Formula, Better Fit

This new blade is also larger, thicker and tapered to perfectly fit into the deep Towniprene® valve seat. The new Towniprene® formula is more tear resistant and provides additional tensile strength.

TMV Locking Blade
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