Urethane Lined Pipe & Fittings

Towniprene® fabricated and urethane lined piping systems are available in various lengths with up to a 60″ ID. Lining thicknesses from 1/4 inch to 2 inches are possible depending on the requirements of the application. Towniprene® is excellent in fine feed applications up to 165°F and has found widespread use throughout the industry. The lining and gaskets are continuous over the flange through the use of cores or centrifugal lining and are chemically bonded to the pipe with release agents on the metal substrate.

lined pipe

Whether a new build or a re-line, our craftsmen use the same rigorous process to provide you with the best quality in the industry. From fabrication of the pipe to your specifications to surface preparation, this industrial-grade product withstands abrasive and corrosive slurries in suction or discharge service.

The urethane lining is typically supplied in our premium polyurethane formulation. The pipe is molded or spun to the proper ID, then through-cured in our temperature-controlled ovens to ensure complete cure.

  • Most standard pipe dimensions
  • Typical pipe flange selection
  • Straight pipe and reducers
  • Elbows, wyes, tees
  • Headers & Laterals
  • Manifolds, combiners
  • repairs made to re-lined pipe
  • Lining thicknesses to match ID’s of existing pipelining
lined pipe

Towniprene® is great for sliding abrasion or corrosive media found in chemical, mineral beneficiation, metallurgical coal prep, sand and gravel, clay, kaolin, and limestone preparation. Depending on the pipes application above custom urethane thickness will be selected to improve wear patterns. The improved lined pipe will keep your operation running and reduce downtime that may occur from parts wearing out too quickly.  

  • Custom urethane selection and thickness to improve your know wear problems
  • Improve the OEM design based on your experience and our know-how
  • Factory re-line ensures best adhesion and integrity

Call or e-mail us, and an experienced Townley technical sales representative will work with you to specify the right urethane and options for your application.