UBD Centrifugal Slurry Pump

The patented UBD™ Centrifugal Slurry Pump is considered the greatest advancement in matrix pumping, Mill cyclone feed pumping, and hydro-transport of tailings in the last decade due to its high efficiency with abrasive slurries. Specifically designed to upgrade the GIW-LSA/WBC style centrifugal slurry pumps featuring clean hydraulic porting, the UBD™ pump design incorporates patented pump components. These components are a recessed volute with a nesting closed impeller. This prevents eddy-current induced wear sites and virtually eliminates re-circulation between the impeller shroud and suction liner. Coupled with a clean suction port and the right choice of materials, our customers are seeing improved wear life and reduced operating cost in all slurry applications.

    • Improved NPSHR, “net positive suction head required”
    • Lower power consumption (less drag)
    • Passes large highly abrasive particles
    • Variety of suction, discharge, and impeller sizes
    • Improved corrosion resistance and abrassion resistance
    • Significant improvement in hydraulic performance
    • Uniform wear equals extended service life
    • When coupled with our Townley Bearing assembly, we incorporate a heavy-duty shaft to prevent deflections induced by uneven impeller loads
    • Pre-tested bearing assembly and extra heavy-duty pedestal to assure reliable field operation
    • Unique impeller release collar to provide the safe removal of the worn impeller
    • Available in alloy for coarse feed and Towniprene® lined for tailings applications with small particle size

Townley Engineering and Manufacturing does not represent nor is it in any way affiliated with GIW-LSA/WBC®, a registered trademark of the KSB Group.


The performance characteristics of this centrifugal slurry pump effectively improve the consistency and “reliability of the process output increasing the total % solids transported and extending wear life.” This has resulted in a measurable improvement in the “cost of tons per day” for the user.

Phosphate Mining

  • Matric Hydro – Transport (primary & booster)
  • Water jet pit pump
  • Tailings transport pumps (primary booster)

Oil Sands

  • Tailings transport (primary & booster)
  • Process pumps

Metal Mining

  • Cyclone feed pumps
  • Miscellaneous process pumps
  • Tailings pump

Townley Standard Metallurgy

These are the most common alloys used in our centrifugal slurry pumps. Townley does have the ability to pour other specialty alloys. Contact our team to find out more about the different alloys we use. 

HC28 -High Chrome Alloy, which is good for general abrasion

CM22–  Chrome-Molybdenum, which is good for very abrasive media

Ni-Hard – Nickel-Chrome Alloy, which is good for moderate slurry

CD4-MCu – Duplex Stainless, which is good for high chloride/fluoride

HC34 – High-Chrome, which is good for  pH excursion

UBD Slurry Pump