Potash Mining

Potash Mining Overview

Townley was the first company to bring urethane to the mining industry. Our Towniprene® urethane is perfect for all fine particle applications. This makes our urethane perfect for potash mines. We have had great success selling our Series 80-TP knife gate valve due to the urethane lining that is bonded to the seat. This design has significantly increased the life of our knife gate valves for the potash industry.

Our rubber hose has also seen great success in the industry. The rubbers that are used in a slurry hose have greatly increased life expectancy compared to lined pipes. We offer the Series 1000 for suction, Series 6000 for material handling, Mining Flex for higher pressures and increased bending, and lastly the Super Mining Flex that offers maximum pressure and bending.

For potash mines in the United States or Canada Townley’s leads, time can not be matched. With Our various facilities across North America, no other OEM can match our delivery times. We make sure that your mine has minimal downtime!

potash rubber hose install

Townley supports every process in the mines and mills due to our rubber selections (gum, neoprene, butyl’s). Our hose is engineered and exempt from CRN certification allowing custom-designed pipe solutions to replace rigid piping with superior lead times over conventional piping supply. The ROI on the Townley hose is realized immediately upon installation and installations exceeding a decade due to rubber being corrosive exempt in the Potash environment, reducing or eliminating pipe strain, nozzle loading, and installation times.

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