Towniprene® Urethane Wear Parts

Townley was the first commercial supplier of industrial-grade urethane wear parts called Towniprene®. This proprietary elastomer was used to replace rubber linings and metal process parts, where fine slurry processing especially with reagents was prevalent. This rudimentary beginning has grown into a large North American business with applications in sand mining, tailings, and coal-fired power plants where limestone slurry handling is critical to FGD circuits. tp wear parts

Utilizing state-of-the-art solid works and CADCAM methodology, Townley produces the highest quality molds to ensure the perfect fit and finish of intricate designs. Any application where the fine slurry is in motion resulting in “sliding abrasion”, Towniprene is the perfect solution to extend the life.

Below are just a few urethane wear parts we produce or reline on a regular basis:

  • Pump parts
  • Flotation parts
  • Cyclone parts
  • Pipe spools
  • Pipe fittings
  • Elbows
  • Mixers/Agitators
  • Gaskets, wedges, and spacers
  • Flat stock
  • Dart valves
  • Trommel screens
  • Cyclone overflow piping
  • Pulley Lagging
  • Cyclone underflow regulators
  • Spiral classifiers

Lab, Dispensers, Properties, Specs

Starting with “state of the art” CNC machined patterns followed by unique molding and casting techniques, we produce parts with the consistent fit and finish you expect.

Towniprene is available in a variety of formulations in both TDI and MDI, with hardness ranges from 60 (shore A) to 95 (shore A).

All physical properties of the urethane batches are checked and verified in our elastomer lab to ensure our customers continue to receive the consistent, high-quality parts that we have been producing since 1963 

Instron pull tab cut

Application for Urethane Wear Parts:

  • In-plant and field use
  • Aggregates separation
  • Slurry movement
  • Sand classification
  • Tailings

Typical Customers for Urethane Wear Parts:

  • Coal prep plants
  • Sand mining and dredging
  • phosphate tailings
  • clay
  • Ore prep