Rubber Lined Parts

Whether a new build or a re-line, our designers and fabricators will look over your lining application. From there they will construct or rebuild your rubber-lined parts to OEM specs. We can beef up certain wear areas and apply the right rubber to ensure a long wear life for your application.

Available in gum rubber, SBR, neoprene (highest heat resistance up to 250°F), or chlorobutyl. All linings are vulcanized in our computer-controlled, large-format autoclave to ensure complete cure.

Typical jobs:

  • Chute
  • Hopper
  • Tubs
  • Launder boxes
  • Troughs
  • Feeders
  • Agitator blades
  • Mixing propellers
  • Flotation parts
  • Pulley lagging
  • Headers
  • Combiners
  • Tanks

Great for impact abrasion or corrosive media found in chemical, mineral beneficiation, metallurgical, coal prep, sand, gravel, clay kaolin, limestone preparation, and FGD circuits in coal-fired power plants

  • Custom rubber selection and lay-up thickness to improve your known wear patterns
  • Improve the OEM design based on your experience and our know-how
  • Factory repair ensures the best adhesion and rubber cure
  • Reduce in-plant noise

Elastomer Properties

*Association for Rubber Products Manufactures*