Urethane Pump Parts & Liners

When it comes to upgrading troublesome parts, Townley was the first commercial supplier of industrial-grade urethane used to replace rubber and alloy wet-end pump parts. With excellent fine feed abrasion and corrosion-resistant properties, many customers rely on Townley. Towniprene® urethane bolt-in or bonded-in volute liners and lined impellers to fit many OEM Products found in mining and power plant processing where fine abrasive slurries are present.


Towniprene® proprietary urethane formulations are designed to wear exceptionally well in fine-feed and reagent-filled circuits. These resilient polymers were key to our early growth in the urethane pump parts business and still play an integral part today. With complete manufacturing control including pre-polymer reactors, intricate mold design, precise metering, mixing equipment, our Towniprene® Urethane Pump Parts continue to set industry standards for material integrity, fit and finish.

Most Towniprene® molded parts have ductile iron inserts or skeletons to provide attach points, maintain shape and functionality in use. Our polyurethane pump parts are perfect to solve any issues that your pumps might be facing with fine abrasive slurries.

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Pump Reline of Many OEM Styles

Townley’s UBD bonded-in shell liners new or relined

  • For tailings and fine feed from 18X20 / 20X20 / 20X22


  • Suction liners, volute liners, impellers, and gland liners for many sizes from 2″ to 21″


  • Suction doors, suction liners, shells, and impellers for many sizes from 8″ to 22″

Warman/Weir AH Style

  • Throat bush, cover plate liners, impellers, frame plate liners for many sizes from 1.5″ to 18″

Thomas Style

  • Suction doors, suction liners, shell gland liner & door and impellers for many sizes from 8″ to 20″

*Townley Engineering and Manufacturing does not represent nor is it in any way affiliated with ASH, GIW/KSB, Warman, or Thomas*

Helpful Information When Inquiring About Urethane Pump Parts & Liners.

In order to figure out how to fit wet-end parts exactly, Townley will need information about your current pump. Knowing the application of the product we will be able to recommend upgrades, which include changes in material and design.

OEM information:

  • Detailed OEM part numbers
  • Original OEM drawing
  • General arrangement drawing
  • Pump curve
  • Elastomer type or alloy
  • Impeller thread size
  • Rotation
  • RPM

Pump information:

  • Hydraulic requirements
  • NPSH available
  • Total head
  • Flow
  • Expectations
  • Current and expected lifetimes

Process information:

  • Process service (tailings, matrix, mill)
  • Description of slurry
  • Specific gravity
  • pH
  • Particle size (D50)
  • Max size to pass
  • Solids %
  • Temperature
  • Operating pressure
Towniprene chart