TM-3 & TM-4 General Service Butterfly Valves

Why you should use these Butterfly Valves:

  • Cost-effective ductile iron body
  • Available with an optional lockout feature
  • New generation, cartridge-style, metal-reinforced EPDM rubber seat will not blow or peel out due to high pressure or velocity
  • Precision machined disc is available in either cast 316 stainless steel or ductile iron/nickel plated
  • The shaft is 410 stainless steel
  • PTFE bushings provide consistently smooth operations
  • Available in wafer style (TM-3) or lug style (TM-4) to suit your operating needs
  • A variety of operator configurations are also available, including Spring lever with notch plate, manual gear with handwheel, pneumatic rack & pinion, electric, or hydraulic TM-3 & TM-4 General Service Butterfly Valves

Where to use the TM valves?

  • Phosphate slurry concentrate
  • FGD slurry
  • Limestone Slurry
  • Wastewater treatment applications
  • Chemical processing
  • Seawater applications