Series 80-Bottom Ashe/Severe Duty Knife Gate Valve

The 80-BA/SD is a Bottom Ash/Severe-Duty knife gate valve for solids handlings. This valve has many applications in coarse feed where positive closure is required with maximum resistance to impact abrasions such as found in bottom ash discharge service in coal-fired power plants, the face of the mine, mill regrind, and coarse tailings circuits. Resistant to mild reagents and acids, this bottom ash/severe-duty knife gate valve is a very versatile addition to your process.   80 BA/SD

Townley’s proprietary Towniprene urethane is bonded into the cavity of a heavy-duty cast ductile iron body and the packing cavity, creating an excellent seal arrangement when coupled with the Teflon lubricated adjustable packing. Formed with precise molds that create the resilient blade seat and lateral sealing. The 316L blade is machined with an edge radius and lubricating treatment. This treatment ensures optimum blade movement and keeps the blade clean, preventing wear problems caused by material build-up. Blades are also available in 2205 and other materials.

Series 80-bottom ash/severe duty knife gate valve unique features:

  • Most Standard sizes in stock, ready to ship
  • Available from 3″ to 24″
  • Heavy cast ductile iron body and yoke
  • 304 SS stem and clevis
  • 316 gates with a machined radius on the parallel surfaces, ensures a positive seal
  • Treatment on the blade provides lubricity and the radius edge of the blade makes the valve the easiest to actuate than any other valve on the market
  • Mechanically locked-in high-chrome inserts to absorb the impact of solids and supports blade from possible deflection
  • Molded and bonded Towniprene® seat, ensures 100% bubble-tight sealing when the gate is in the closed position
  • PTFE based lubricated synthetic packing provides positive gland sealing during operation, with adjustable packing flange
  • Up to 150 PSI bi-directional operating pressure options are available for higher pressures
  • Easily converted from handwheel or full actuation
  • Full port ID for unrestricted media flow
  • Field repairable to help reduce costs
  • Easily converted from standard handwheel operator to air, hydraulic, electric, and bevel gear operators with positioners, limit switches, and lockouts as required
  • Non-purging bottom results in a clean safe workspace especially when mildly corrosive media is handled


  • Coal-fired power bottom ash service
  • In-plant mining circuits where extreme abrasive slurries are prevalent
  • Tailings circuits
  • Any moderate temperature abrasive service