DO-80 Hydrocyclone (Classifying or Dewatering Style)


The DO-80 Hydrocyclone (Classifying or Dewatering Style) is the best solution for fine feed cyclones whether for classification/sizing or final dewatering of slurry used in phosphate, metal, and mineral mining. Other applications include limestone preparation and gypsum processing circuits in coal-fired power FGD systems

Simple Robust construction means trouble-free service for sand, silica, phosphate, and other mining applications where repeatable separation and sizing of fine particles is important.  Townley’s hydrocyclones are designed and manufactured with replaceable Towinprene® urethane cone bodies, apex, a mating urethane-lined feed chamber, vortex finder, and underflow regulator. Fewer parts ensure quick assembly and reduced inventory.


  • One-piece Towniprene® urethane slide-in cone for easy replacement and reduced leaking
  • Simple robust construction means trouble-free service
  • 4″ to 48″ diameter cone body
  • 14°, 20°, and 30° slope to suit the application
  • Optimized feed chamber, apex, vortex finder, and overflow to match your requirements
  • Designed with thicker urethane cross-section at typical wear spots
  • Fewer parts mean simple assembly and reduced inventory
  • Custom-built to your specifications
  • Complete assemblies, including Townley valves, connectors, and overflows are available
  • 50 to 5,000-gallon flow rates
  • 15 to 300-micron separation
  • Adaptable to existing configurations
  • Durable epoxy-painted steel body

Additionally, Townley provides urethane lining and replacement components for other legacy OEM hydrocyclones and separators including Krebs, Linatex, Metpro, Cavex, McClanahan, and other OEM installations. 


“Classification” Hydrocyclone System

These hydrocyclones are used to sort or separate solids by weight to ensure proper sizing for further refinement of ore or matrix. Heavier oversized particles report to underflow and are returned to milling for resizing, while lighter particles of proper size report to the overflow and continue along the process for beneficiation and extraction of the metal or minerals.

“Dewatering” Hydrocyclone  System

These hydrocyclones are used to dewater the final product ensuring the most concentrated form for transport or driest form for final use. Concentrated media reports to the underflow and water or liquid reports to the overflow. These systems are found at the end of a process flow in mining or mineral processing