Series 80-TP/XL Wide Body

The 80-TP/XL was created as a bolt-in replacement for the wide-bodied bottom purge-style slurry valves. With many applications in fine feed where positive closure is required, such as limestone cyclone feed and FGD service in coal-fired power plants. This valve is very resistant to mild reagents and acids, this 80-TP/XL is a very versatile addition to your process.

Why should you consider Townley Series 80-TP/XL Wide Body Knife Gate Valves?

  • Most Standard sizes in stock, ready to ship
  • Available in 3″ to 24″
  • Standard 316L blade
  • The blade is also available in 2205 and other materials.
  • Heavy-duty cast ductile-iron body and yoke designed to resist deflection line loads and internal pressure
  • Direct bolt-in replacement for slurry type valves with a wide face to face
  • Non-purging bottom results in a clean safe workspace especially when mildly corrosive media is handled
  • A thick one-piece bonded-in Towniprene® urethane liner precisely molded to provide a bi-directional seal across the blade and compression seal at the apex of the blade during the closure
  • Designed with all the features of our best-selling 80-TP Knife Gate Valve
  • The bottom of the Towniprene® seat is flush eliminating the potential for trapped solids
  • Pressures up to 150 PSI
  • Easily converted from standard handwheel operator to air, hydraulic, electric, and bevel gear operators with positioners, limit switches, and lockouts as required
  • Isolated brass stem bushing resists corrosion and assures smooth actuation
  • PTFE based lubricated synthetic packing provides positive gland sealing during operation
  • Full port ID for unrestricted media flow
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel stem and blade for years of unsurpassed service
  • Blade edge precisely machined with a radius matching the molded radius in Towniprene® seat
  • Treatment on the blade provides lubricity and the radius edge of the blade makes the valve the easiest to actuate than any other valve on the market
  • Molded Towniprene® extends to both flange faces to provide a positive seal with mating piping
  • Field repairable to help reduce costs