Dredging Overview

The dredging industry continues to grow every year. As more people enter the dredging mining industry the competition gets more competitive. Operations need the most efficient and longest-lasting products. This will allow your operation to stay ahead of the competition.

Townley provides a wide variety of products to this industry creating unique solutions to wear problems encountered in this severe service: from the media transported to continuous exposure to the most extreme elements, Townley will exceed your expectations. Our most successful product for this industry is our dredge hose. From suction hoses to discharge hoses Townley has you covered. 

With our foundry expansions, we have been able to start making dredge pump parts for almost all OEMs. We offer dredge pump repairs that upgrade or match the existing pump specs. We have thousands of molds ready to go! We also offer our own pumps that have been designed to minimize wear.  With over 55 years of working with fine particles, we can provide viable knowledge for sand and gravel dredge pumps that no other OEM can provide.

Townley will deliver faster than any OEM on the market! With our fast lead times and our increased wear life, your operation should see better cost-per-ton.


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