Centrifugal Slurry Pump Part

Townley’s centrifugal slurry pump parts are all made in North America in our “state-of-the-art” white iron foundry and then finished in our CNC machine shops. These high-quality parts provide customers with longer life and high efficiency for the most corrosive and abrasive slurry applications

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Reliable World-Class centrifugal slurry pump parts with Consistent Metallurgy

  • Excellent metallurgy choices achieved through exacting chemistry formulations and consistent hardness profiles
  • Unique upgrades to many problematic wet-end components manufactured by the other pump manufacturers
  • Digitized OEM or legacy parts to ensure precise fit & hydraulic performance every time
  • Solid modeling technology to convert to machine tool paths
  • Lowering your overall operating costs through extended wear life, better availability, and competitive pricing
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Slurry Pump Rebuilds

We have a large variety of aftermarket OEM centrifugal pump components including impellers, expellers, suction liners, volute liners, pump cases, throat bushings, and gland liners to fit:

  • GIW
  • Warman
  • Thomas/Metso
  • Hazleton
  • Morris
  • ASH
  • Goulds 5500
  • Galigher
  • Allis Chalmers
  • Denver
  • Mobile Pulley
  • Wemco

Townley Engineering and Manufacturing does not represent nor is it in any way affiliated with any of these brands mentioned above*

Abrasion Alloys for Pump Components

  • NIHARD 4 – Meets ASTM A532, Class 1, type D chemical analysis requirements. Has the highest strength and greatest resistance to the impact of all the “Ni-hard” families
  • HIGH-CHROMIUM IRON – A high-chromium iron similar in chemical analysis to ASTM A532, Class III, Type A. Contains additional molybdenum to increase hardness in thicker sections. Better corrosion resistance than Nihard alloys
  • CM22 Alloy– A chromium/molybdenum alloy white iron recognized as providing the highest level of abrasion resistance and toughness of any alloy white iron. CM22 closely conforms to ASTM A532 Class II, type B chemical requirements and has a final hardness of 700-800 Brinell after multi-step heat treatment

Corrosion and Heat Resistant Alloys

  • CA-6NM
  • HC
  • CD-4MCU
  • HH
  • CF-8M (316)
  • HK
  • CF-3M (316L)
  • RR
  • CN-7M
  • G4R
  • CW12MW
  • G30

*alloys RR and G4R are proprietary alloys which have been developed for use in environments which are both abrasive and corrosive

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