Kaolin Clay Mining

Kaolin Clay Industry Overview

The industry outlook for Kaolin clay is good. The world demand is forecasted to grow over the next few years for all industrial minerals. This clay is used in various products that people come in contact with daily like paper and cement.

Kaolin which looks like white clay is typically found on the surface no deeper than 500 feet below the ground. Once this clay mineral has been removed from the earth the mined site must be restored up to regulation standards. Another method to get kaolin is dredging up the east coast of the United States.  North and South America make up the majority of all kaolin deposits. 

Townley has 5 facilities throughout North America to provided the quickest lead times for any kaolin mine in the Americas. With a facility in Florida and West Virginia, any east coast operation, especially in Georgia which is the kaolin capital of the world, will be able to receive products quickly with minimal shipping costs. For operations in South America, mostly in brazil due to their large deposits, Townley has a facility in Arizona that can quickly ship out products. 


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