Cast Alloy Parts & Part Fittings

We pour hundreds of different cast alloy parts and part fittings for slurry applications. This includes ball mill chutes, cast elbows, agitators, classifier shoes, combining tubes, valve inserts, and wear plates. Townley is noted for process improvements such as refined metallurgy, robust designs, reduced part count, or just moving lifting lugs for safety and convenience to the operator.

Often a customer will come to us with OEM parts that experience a repeating wear pattern. Then our technical reps will examine the wear, review the feed and flow parameters and make recommendations. They will recommend cast alloy replacement parts with improved design, including enhanced wear-back areas and lifting eyes to help with installation.

Cast alloy Parts & Part Fittings

At Townley, we replace pump parts and fittings for over 30 major brands of pumps. This includes:

  • Warman
  • Denver
  • Ash
  • Wemco
  • GIW
  • Thomas
  • Hazleton
  • Morris
  • Galigher
  • Ingersoll-rand
  • Goyne
  • Allis Chalmers
  • Nagle
  • Worthington
  • Pettibone

Townley Engineering and Manufacturing does not represent nor is it in any way affiliated with any of the brands mentioned above*

Abrasion alloys

  • NIHARD 4 – Meets ASTM A532, Class 1, type D chemical analysis requirements. Has the highest strength and greatest resistance to the impact of all the “Ni-hard” families
  • HIGH-CHROMIUM IRON – A high-chromium iron similar in chemical analysis to ASTM A532, Class III, Type A. Contains additional molybdenum to increase hardness in thicker sections. Better corrosion resistance than Nihard alloys
  • CM22 Alloy– A chromium/molybdenum alloy white iron recognized as providing the highest level of abrasion resistance and toughness of any alloy white iron. CM22 closely conforms to ASTM A532 Class II, type B chemical requirements and has a final hardness of 700-800 Brinell after multi-step heat treatment

Corrosion and Heat Resistant Alloys

  • CA-6NM
  • HC
  • CD-4MCU
  • HH
  • CF-8M (316)
  • HK
  • CF-3M (316L)
  • RR
  • CN-7M
  • G4R
  • CW12MW
  • G30

*alloys RR and G4R are proprietary alloys which have been developed for use in environments which are both abrasive and corrosive