Actuators & Accessories

Townley provides manual or powered actuation, positioners, limit switches, lock-outs, and remote control operations, and many more accessories for all of our valves or our valve bodies to match the customers’ existing setup.  Our experienced sales team will be able to look at your operation and recommend the most suitable actuation for your valves. All of the products bought from Townley are back by our standard warranty to ensure that all products are of the highest quality. 

Applications, Operation, and Physical Considerations

Safety – Lock-outs and cages

Media flow and frequency – Open/shut or modulation

Media conditions – materials of construction, operating pressures

Flow Control – position alerts, limit switches, feedback loops

Space/orientation – Vertical space available, piping arrangement

Service feed – Reliable air, hydraulic or electric plant service, remote self-contained options

Inventory requirements – Ship from stock, local inventory

Manual Actuation

Hand Wheel Actuation

Lever Actuation for butterfly valves

Gear actuation for knife gate valves butterfly valve

Powered Actuation

Compressed air, hydraulic or electric-driven mechanical actuation for knife gate valves and butterfly valves

Powered with Manual Override

For critical applications with potential service loss

Actuation electric
actuator handwheel
actuator safety cage
actuator hydraulic

Typical Applications

For isolation, diversion, or throttling in a variety of circuits. Townley valves and actuation options are an excellent choice for flow management of abrasion slurry. When acquiring our product please tell us what type of application you will be using it for. 

  • Power plant “bottom-ash”
  • Phosphate matrix and tailings
  • Metal mining
  • Limestone slurry
  • Sand and silica
  • Coal prep
  • Hydrotransport of oil sands

Fill out the contact form below and we will reach back out to you with a product specialist.  The more information provided the easier we can guide you to the correct valve and actuation system. Townley ensures quality customer service to everyone.

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