Super Mining Flex Hose (Ring style)

When faced with severe bending, the Super Mining Flex also known as “Flex-pipe” by our customers would be a great choice. The ring design enables flexing with a maximum bend radius of 7 times the ID without deforming or crimping the wear tube, especially valuable for severe terrain following. Designed for 150-300PSI operating pressures.

The Super Mining Flex hose has many advantages over other rubber hoses.  This hose is a ring-style hose that offers greater flexibility than wire reinforced hose. The wire-reinforced hose can be bend too far, which then kinks the hose and permanently damaging it. When going with a ring-style hose kinks will be prevented and allowing for much greater bends.  The Super mining flex can handle a lot of movement and abuse without any issues. The hose is built with heavy-duty materials that increase the pump noise and vibration more than other rubber hoses. 

Townley’s hand-built, American-made rubber hose is ensured to be built up to the highest standards. The Super Mining Flex ring style is a premium hose built with the highest quality materials.  

Super Mining Flex Key Features:

  • Maximum working pressures 300 with 3:1 safety factor
  • Lengths up to 50′
  • ID’s from 3″ to 36″
  • Extra heavy-duty natural gum rubber or SBR tubes
  • 1/4″ to 1/2″ wear tube
  • Multiple layers of high tensile strength woven polyester cord fabrics
  • Reinforced with high tensile, spring steel rings, equally spaced between nipples
  • Weather and ozone resistant cover
  • Extra-long fabricated steel nipple with welded retaining rings and welded flanges on grooved ends
  • Continuous tube and gaskets form an integral sealing system, leaving no metal exposed to slurry
Super Mining Flex


  • As a field, pit, or line pump suction hose instead of piping in the matrix or booster pump line

Options Available for the Super Mining Flex

Wear Tubes

  • SBR
  • Neoprene
  • Natural Rubber
  • Chlorobutyle


  • 300#
  • Rotating

Pressure Rating

  • 150PSI
  • 300PSI