WRK ( Wet-end Retro-fit Kit) Slurry Pump

The WRK™ Slurry Pump Conversion was developed by Townley to provide a simple, effective upgrade to the existing Warman® style “split-case” slurry pumps found in mining and FGD coal-fired power plants.

The Patented WRK or Wet-end retrofit kit was designed with many maintenance-friendly and wear-resistant features.

  • Simple three-part wet-end assembly
  • Easy Installation
  • Exact mechanical fit-up on existing frame and piping centerlines
  • Hydraulic characteristics matching OEM performance curves
  • Minimum recirculation due to patented internal design 
  • Excellent output efficiency with longer peak performance times
  • One-piece shell/volute allows for more robust wall construction, which is thicker than an OEM volute liner
  • Customers report significantly longer wear life for shell/volute and impellers
  • A broad selection of corrosion and abrasion resistant alloys to match corrosive and abrasive process conditions found in mature power plants and mining

The three-part wet-end is a patented design that was created to ease the workload on the maintenance team, extend the wear life, and maintain peak performance for longer. Pairing this with the correct Townley alloy and the WRK slurry pump gets outstanding performance.

  1. The patented parallel pockets cast into the volute body with mating impeller shrouds, ensure eddy induced tip wear and shroud face recirculation is minimized
  2. A thicker casting helps to maximize the life cycle
  3. The sweeping suction port reduces entry turbulence and enhances the flow through the impeller

Townley Engineering and Manufacturing does not represent nor is it in any way affiliated with Warman®, a registered trademark of Weir Minerals.



  • Cyclone feed pumps
  • Process Pumps
  • Classification transfer pumps
  • Coarse tailings pumps
  • Fine tailings pumps
  • Fine tailings discharge pumps

Environmental systems in coal-fired power plants

  • Absorber recycle pump (AR)
  • AR feed pumps
  • AR bleed pumps
  • Limestone cyclone feed pumps
  • Gypsum process pumps

Townley Standard Metallurgy:

HC28 -High Chrome Alloy, which is good for general abrasion

CM22–  Chrome-Molybdenum, which is good for very abrasive media

Ni-Hard – Nickel-Chrome Alloy, which is good for moderate slurry

CD4-MCu – Duplex Stainless, which is good for high chloride/fluoride

HC34 – High-Chrome, which is good for  pH excursion