Series 9000 Lined Connector

Designed and manufactured with a wear tube of 1/2″ Towniprene® urethane, our heavy-duty Series 9000 expansion style connectors withstand abrasive and corrosive fine feed slurries in suction or discharge service, wherever traditional rigid joints are used.

Series 9000 connector
  • Steel spring wire and fabric reinforcement
  • Integrated steel nipples
  • Not affected by thermal excursions
  • Solid arch dampens pump vibration to reduce in-plant noise
  • Available up to 150 PSI
  • Available in concentric, eccentric & off-set designs
  • Can replace rigid pipe in many applications
  • Available with reducing dimensions
  • 2″ to 84″ ID
  • Face to face up to 24″
  • Continuous Towniprene® wear tube terminates on flange face
  • Easily seals misaligned connections
  • Ozone resistant cover assures durability
  • Excellent for fine-feed

Great for sliding abrasion and corrosive feed found in chemical, mineral beneficiation, and coal-fired power plant use. Often is used to replace rigid connectors to relieve torsional or rotational damage to fixed equipment. Also, for misalignment in older facilities, and to reduce in-plant noise. 

Series 9000 lined connectors can be constructed in a variety of configurations to suit your application. This is especially helpful when replacing the rigid pipes or in older circuits where settling has occurred. 

Available in a variety of custom styles to suit your application. These include concentric, reducing, eccentric, tap & drains, solid arch, rotating couplings, with control rod, without control rod, and various pressure ratings. 

hose connector diagram

Series 9000 connectors are especially suited to compensate for torsional, lateral, angular movements, elongation, and compression that is normally found in pipes being used in mining, and power plant transportation of slurries.