Why pick MSP Submersible Sump Pump


The Townley MSP Submersible Slurry Sump Pump is a fully submersible pump. They are used instead of vertical cantilever pumps in typical run-off sumps found in coal-fired powerplants and mining applications. In powerplants, they’re used in the coal yard tunnel washdown sumps, limestone slurry circuit sumps, and in bottom-ash applications. They can also be used as water pumps to transfer processed water from pods.

submersible pump

Aside from the great wear-life and pump performance, many customers are choosing our submersible slurry sump pumps instead of typical vertical cantilever styles used in the past. This is because submersible pumps require no maintenance, unlike the vertical pumps where motor bearings and pedestal bearings need lubrication.

Our submersible modular design motor and pump are one sealed unit that can be fully submerged in water or liquid within the sump. Townley is pleased to provide all the necessary ancillary items such as discharge hose, discharge elbows, knife gate valve, check valves, sump level controls, and jet ring agitators. Additionally, we can spec and supply the starter control panel, sump liquid level controls, and variable speed drives, as required.

Townley is prepared to work with the customer for a single pump or many with the complete accessory package including, starter panels, isolation valves, and discharge piping.

Townley submersible pumps are designed and manufactured specifically for abrasive slurries that must be pumped from the sump pit. The alloy wet-end on these MSP pumps is cast with 28 % high-chrome, which gives the pump to handle severe abrasives.

The standard mixer agitator and optional jet ring agitator will help suspend settled solids improving the efficiency of solids removal. submersible-pump

The versatility and simplicity of installation without overhead mounting are becoming more appealing to customers. The installation and removal of the pumps are very easy. This can be done with a small crane by the lifting bail coupled with a Townley flexible rubber discharge hose.

In support of the complete submersible pump product line, Townley carries a large inventory. This inventory includes fully assembled MSP pumps from 5-200hp and parts that can be quickly used in a repair. Most of the time our MSP pumps are quickly repaired at the Townley Florida corporate offices when a customer sends in a pump to repair. Some special case scenarios may take a little more time but are very uncommon.

Because the mining and coal-fired power plants operate on a 24/7 timetable, a sump pump that fails could cause a major logistics problem. We recommend our customers keep a backup pump in stock for the critical sumps. This allows us to repair your sump pump quickly and get it back without any delays in your production. Since these pumps are easy to remove and install taking the damaged pump out and the new one in can be done at the same time.

The submersible pump is a much shorter pump than the cantilever. The crane necessary, equipment, and the number of personnel required are greatly reduced when choosing a submersible pump.

Submersible pumps are easy to remove and can be returned to Townley for a professional rebuild. Our rebuild service includes full testing, quick return, and requires less work to install on-site compared to a vertical style pump. This is another benefit why customers are moving towards the submersible type.

Since the trend in mining and power industries is to “do more with less” there are fewer workers onsite to keep the process moving rather than more. When buying Townley you get a long-lasting quality valve with great customer support. We also keep stock on all of our valves. We can deliver faster than any other OEM in the industry.

Townley backs up the submersible slurry sump pump with a large inventory of ready-to-ship pumps as well as a large stock of parts to support repair. We also have trained technicians performing repair for the customer of the pumps at our home offices. With a hydraulic test at the end of every repair, matching the performance specs for the pump is part of the standard process. MSP

Since Townley Engineering and Manufacturing has been in existence for over 55 years, their commitment to submersible slurry sump pump products is unequaled in the industry.

Our customer support is unmatched in the industry. Townley offers technical support from our main office and a trained sales team that will come out and solve your problems! Every pump is tested in our test facility to make sure every customer receives a high-quality product.

Townley is committed to continuing to be the premier manufacturer of submersible slurry sump pumps in the United States market.