Replacing Warman® Slurry Pump Parts

Not all Suppliers are Equal

An OEM supplier, *Warman® slurry pumps are very prolific around the world for pumping various slurries. Many of the parts for these pumps can be logistically challenging depending on where in the world they are sourced. Availability and costs to replace have led to many alternate suppliers of parts to fit legacy warman® pumps.

Not all slurry parts suppliers are equal, and customers should be careful when selecting a supplier. Many suppliers import inexpensive parts and resell them, but due to lack of quality, they may fail or wear quickly upsetting your process maintenance cycle. If you were racing in the 24 hour Le Mans, would you use the least expensive engine? Every second your operation is down you are losing production time which translates to dollars.

Even if an aftermarket supplier for parts is using the same alloys as the OEM, they may not have the metallurgy consistency potentially decreasing efficiency and increasing the wear rate on the parts. Additionally, the parts may not fit or align with your existing infrastructure. Another possibility is an impeller that has not been properly threaded or balanced may cause vibration damage when used. Having a reputable supplier is very important to minimize downtime


Why not just go back to Warman® for your parts? Unfortunately, this company is so large and multinational, they have difficultly addressing all wear situations. The good news for you is there are other suppliers that offer parts for your Warman® that can upgrade the pump based on your wear needs. Think about it like a Jeep®, if you wanted to improve its off-road capability would you go back to jeep®? Probably not, because that is not their specialty.

The same applies to most major OEM pump suppliers. When mass-producing products, companies trade customization away to streamline the process to meet demand. This allows aftermarket suppliers to fill these gaps where certain pumps may require customization to optimize performance. 

Be cautious in which aftermarket supplier you choose. Not all suppliers are equal and quality can vary depending on what supplier you choose. Make sure to do your due diligence before choosing to invest the money required to repair or upgrade a slurry pump.

Always Ask a Few Critical Questions Before Choosing a Supplier

  • How long have they been supplying upgraded parts for OEM Pumps?
  • Do they have hydraulic pump design engineers on staff?
  • Do they have a comprehensive metallurgical lab, staff, and state-of-the-art analytical testing equipment?
  • Do they hold inventory and how can they ensure a quick turn-around?
  • Do they have a white iron foundry?
  • Is there dimension accurate to ensure a match with OEM spec?
  • Do they machine before or after heat treating?
  • What is their largest pour?
  • Can they provide proper metallurgy to match my application?
  • Can they provide customer references?
  • Can they provide components that will improve wear-life or performance while keeping the same mechanical footprint?
  • Do they have a technical sales team available to me?

Townley’s Aftermarket Upgrade Parts to Fit your Warman® Pump

Townley can upgrade most Warman® slurry pump parts, matching or improving the OEM wear life. We can create changes to our horizontal slurry pumps to accommodate the customer’s requirements. With a foundry capable of pouring 25 tons of white iron, we have the capacity to create any part that is needed and it is 100% made in the USA.

At Townley, we take pride in our metallurgy, with 40 years of experience refining our alloys. We offer various alloys like HC-27, HC-28, NI-Hard4, CM-22, HC-34, CD4Mcu, G4R, and other special proprietary blends. pump_part

No other OEM or aftermarket supplier is capable of matching our metallurgy or delivery times. We keep a substantial inventory of slurry pump spare parts to make sure our customers can quickly receive the parts they need. If you choose Townley you will experience longer service life and receive components quickly.

Design Improvements

We offer a WRK® slurry pump conversion kit which takes certain Warman® “split-case” pumps and simplifies the design and maintenance. Our patented conversion kits are field-proven to increase the peak efficiency and life of the pump. We take these “split-case” pumps and simplify them by making it a three-part wet-end that extends the wear life, increases peak performance, and makes installation easier. WRK conversion pump

Urethane Lining

In some fine feed applications, we provide urethane liners and impeller upgrades for rubber bolt-in liners. These can be bolt-in style or bonded-in shell or casing liners, which allow us to increase the thickness of the liner at critical locations within the pump.

Townley’s proprietary industrial grade urethane is called Towniprene® and has been used in phosphate and sand mining for over 55 years. We were the first company to urethane-line parts for the mining industry. No other company has the urethane application knowledge that we can offer.

We now offer various types of urethanes to meet every need of our customers. Once we know the application, we will select the correct urethane to ensure your pump part has the maximum wear life. Our lab checks every batch of urethane to make sure that every one of our products is consistent and performs to its maximum potential.


Enjoy the Best OEM Pump Upgrades in The Business

Townley has been providing alloy pump upgrades for 40 years for the toughest applications and urethane lining for fine feed slurry for over 55 years. We are constantly looking into new materials and methods to reduce wear on all of our products.  Our products have been proven to decrease wear and increase the revenue of many operations in the mining, dredging, and power industry.

*Warman® is a division of The Weir Group PLC*

*Townley is a producer of aftermarket Warman® parts and is not affiliated with Warman®*