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A Legacy of Quality: 60 Years of Townley Innovation

Our Mission:
Townley’s purpose, established by Jake and Helen Townley in 1963, continues to be, “to serve God is to serve man.” As a faith-operated company, Townley commits to its employees and customers. Our products and solutions are used in the industry to meet mankind’s need for food, fuel, clothing, shelter, and transportation.

Our Story & Milestones:
In 1963, through faith and perseverance, Jake and Helen Townley established a “one-on-one” solution for wear problems in slurry applications. Established on Christian principles, their foundation has helped grow Townley to become the trusted source for abrasion and corrosion solutions for the mining, dredging, and powerplant industries. While it all started with an innovative urethane formulation known as Towniprene®, Townley has since grown its product line to over 1,000 standard items. These items include slurry pumps, submersible pumps, cast foundry products, valves, hand-built rubber hose, rubber lining, Towniprene® wear parts, and Towniprene® flotation parts. Today, we provide products to the minerals, mining, power, and energy industry around the globe from our seven manufacturing locations here in the United States.

  • 1963 – Creation of Towniprene®

In 1963, working with DuPont, Jake Townley developed a polyurethane, that as a component applied to wear surfaces, has changed the phosphate mining industry forever. Jake knew that when separating unwanted material from the desired, abrasive and corrosive materials would rapidly degrade the rubber lining and metal alloys commonly used in the industry at the time. Jake’s patented urethane formulation, called Towniprene®, far outlasted OEM wear materials and provided superior abrasion and corrosion resistance. Thanks to Jake’s work with this unique urethane formulation,  Towniprene® is still used throughout the world as the preferred fine slurry wear solution.

  • 1971 – Rubber Solutions

In 1971, Townley began hand building rubber slurry hoses. Today, Townley is one of the largest manufacturers of hand-built rubber slurry hose in North America. We supply slurry hoses for the mining, power, dredging industries, and other solid hydro transport applications. Towniflex® hose is considered one of the most durable in the industry and many Towniflex® hoses are still in operation after 20 years of service. Many customers have found that Towniflex®’s rubber hose has reduced abrasion wear, vibration, and has better flex than competitor hoses. As a result, our customers are able to reduce their long-term operating costs and have their operations run for longer without issue.

  • 1983 – First White Iron Foundry Pour

Ever since our first white iron foundry pour on August 14, 1983, customers have come to rely on Townley to manufacture reliable foundry products. Townley achieves this by manufacturing world-class white-iron slurry pumps, pump parts, and coal-fired FGD wear parts with consistent metallurgy. With world-class foundry and CNC machining, Townley prides itself on providing outstanding products that outlast the competition. Townley’s experienced staff provides failure analysis to the customers about their existing wear parts and makes recommendations to improve their operation.

  • 1998 – Specialty Slurry Valves

In 1998, Townley’s founder, Jake Townley, envisioned a unique product line of longer lasting slurry valves than were currently available on the market. Thus, out of a pressing need, Townley’s line of specialty slurry valves was born. These unique valves were specially designed for use in applications such as in-plant beneficiation, mining tailings and matrix, limestone slurry, bottom ash-handling, water isolation, and coal-fired power plants.

Knife Gate Valves for flow diversion and shutoff service, available from 2” to 54” ID

Butterfly Valves for Flow control and isolation, available from 3” to 96” ID

Pinch Valves for flow modulation, especially good for mining circuits, Available up to 24” ID

  • 1999 – Patented Slurry Pumps: UBD Pump

In 1999, Townley introduced a brand-new pump design to the market. This new pump design was named the UBD Pump Series (UBD stands for Urs Blattmann Design, and is named in honor of its designer, Urs Blattmann). The UBD pump, with its recessed impeller, received a United States Patent for its design features in July 2005. The UBD Series pump was very successful in decreasing wear in very abrasive pumping circuits up to 50 percent without losing efficiency. “The patented UBD pump designed by Urs, with its unique recessed impeller, creates the most significant advancement in solids handling pumps for the industry in over 20 years,” said Toro Townley.

  • 2001 – MSP Modular Submersible Slurry Pump

In 2001, Townley began offering a new line of modular submersible slurry pumps, the MSP Series. These pumps are designed to handle the toughest conditions in the mining, power, and dredging industries. The Townley MSP pump line includes a broad range of sizes from 2 inches to 10 inches. They come with discharge ports, various wet-end configurations, and 5 to 200 horsepower motor combinations to satisfy customer’s requirements.

The MSP pump line uses a modular platform approach with common wet-end components for all the various sizes. Designed to run dry protection in high-chrome wet-end parts, these pumps will work in the toughest slurry and solids dewatering sumps. Additionally, Townley has the most pumps in stock and a certified pump rebuild service in North America to keep plants running.

While we may have gotten our start back in 1963, our commitment to quality and innovation are still the same. That’s why you can continue to count on Townley to deliver outstanding products, excellent customer service, and quick turnaround times. We look forward to continuing the longstanding Townley legacy of quality and serving you for another 60 years!

About Townley

Founded in 1963, Townley Engineering & Manufacturing is a rapidly growing, American-made solutions expert for wear and abrasion problems found in the mining, dredging, and power industries. To learn more about Townley, visit our About Us page!