Series 120 Butterfly Valves

Series 120 Butterfly Valves

Designed for handling high volume solution flow, the Townley bi-directional Series 120 Butterfly Valve is an excellent choice for throttling or isolation service.

The Townley Series 120 Butterfly Valves are available as a new OEM valve featuring:

  • Internal diameters from 18″ to 96″
  • A robust fabricated steel body gusseted and drilled to your specifications.
  • Bonded-in durable integral cast Towniprene® urethane seat and full-face flange gaskets
  • Solid through-disk shaft with upper & lower bronze bushings and bronze thrust bearings
  • Fabricated convex shaped resilient neoprene lined-disk pinned to shaft with Towniprene® caps to seal and prevent galvanic corrosion.
  • No exposed metal in process flow
  • Interference fit of softer neoprene disk to Towniprene® Seat, which ensures positive sealing when closed
  • Pressure and torque tested to your specifications prior to shipping
  • Wide variety of actuator options

Remanufactured: We can rebuild your existing worn valve to “like-new” condition as previously described for a variety OEM styles including Keystone, Media, DeZurik, Henry Pratt, Mosser, BIF, Rodney Hunt and Allis Chalmers. We incinerate the existing elastomer, machine & repair the metal body if required, replace all bushings and seals, build a new style disk then follow all the steps as noted for a new valve.

Product quality: Whether new or rebuilt, you will have a new Townley valve with the assurance of excellent service life in your application. Both new and rebuilds valves can be 100% rebuilt again when the maintenance cycle comes around again.