Gaskets, Spacers & Wedges

Gaskets, Spacers & Wedges

Ensuring a proper seal with pipe flanges and fittings is the perfect application for resilient Towniprene ® urethane gaskets, spacers and wedges!

Molded from Townley’s proprietary urethane formulations, these unique products are used by the thousands in mines and power plants across North America for connecting tailings pipe or in-plant process piping. The products are great for sealing and fitting common misalignment problems in piping, especially where terrain or plant settling has occurred.

Our proprietary urethanes are formulated and tested daily for physical and chemical properties in our well equipped research lab.

Typical properties of these Towniprene ® parts include:

  • Continuous operating temperatures to 165°F
  • Mold designs available to fit all standard classes of flanges
  • Gaskets available in full-face flange or drop-in style
  • Higher durometer to absorb flange compression
  • Typically produced in yellow for easy identification; other colors available
  • Drop gaskets come standard with molded-in safety tabs to reduce finger injuries when installing
  • Thicknesses from 1/4 inch to 4 inch
  • Custom sizes available