Towniprene® Urethane

In the early sixties, Jake Townley revolutionized slurry handling in the phosphate mining industry by introducing polyurethane as a critical component when applied to wear surfaces in these processes. Working with DuPont, he developed a proprietary urethane formulation called Towniprene® which far outlasted the OEM wear materials.

During the mineral beneficiation process, fine slurries and reagents used in classification and separation circuits rapidly degrade rubber linings and metal alloy components in process piping, pumps and equipment.  Thanks to Jakes pioneering work with Towniprene®, our products are still used extensively throughout the world as an excellent fine slurry wear solution.

Unlike many other urethane wear part manufacturers, we are able to supply consistent high quality urethane properties by producing our own tightly controlled TDI and MDI pre-polymer systems combined with mixing and metering in our state of the art liquid elastomer dispensing machines. When cast in our precision CNC machined molds, our customers can be assured of perfect fit, finish and performance every time.

We produce parts single cast parts and linings from 1 pound to 2,000 pounds.

Towniprene is also produced at our regional manufacturing plants to better serve our customers with a local capability.