Pinch Valve

With pinch valve rubber tubes manufactured in our large North American rubber hose shop, these valves provide long wear life when controlling slurry flow for your process. This Townley valve is an excellent replacement for the more cumbersome diaphragm-style valves and is more adaptable to existing pipe circuits.  Whether for isolation or throttling of slurries, this valve will provide reliable service. 

These valves will operate with occasional actuation or with constant automatic modulation driven by flow control circuits. Designed with unique self-centering, double-action pinch bars that compress the tube equally from both sides, you will experience uniform wear from both sides. Additionally, you may extend the life somewhat by rotating the rubber hose and changing the pinch point by 90°. This is a very cost-effective method for controlling slurry and can eaily be opened in closed. 

This pinch valve can easily be rebuilt in the field by unbolting the rubber hose flanges and the bottom pinch rod, then replacing it with a new wear tube from stock.

pinch valve


  • Bi-directional flow
  • Suction or discharge service
  • Up to 24” ID
  • Minimum 3X length or more
  • Special ends to suit your requirements
  • Isolation or throttling service
  • Actuation by a pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual handwheel
  • Available with pneumatic or electro-pneumatic position

Positive Sealing

  • Gum rubber-lined wear tube
  • Flanged ends, built-in seal


  • Simple assembly
  • Resilient gum rubber wear tube
  • Hose body constructed with integrated polyester cord
  • Pressure rating to 150 PSI
  • Safety cage attached upon request

Long Service Life

  • Wear tube to match application
  • Abrasive and corrosive resistant
  • Rotate tube to extend the life

The Townley pinch valve has many applications in the field. These applications are chemical, mineral beneficiation, dredging, sand, gravel, power plant use, water makeup circuits for the ball, and sag mills. This pinch valve is a perfect solution for isolation or throttling slurries in any of these applications.